Nothing is impossible to the mind. All it's guidance and power are available to you. When you fully realize that thought causes all, you will know there are never any limits that you yourself do not impose - Uell Stanley Andersen, Self-help Author

      Henghui Medical(HHM), formerly known as Henghuikeda Medical Devices Co.,Ltd. Since it was founded in 2007,HHM shows outstanding marketing advantages in dental implant field. HHM is the general agent of C-Tech implant from Italy. HHM has perfect product supply and sales system,ordering,distribution and direct sales all can be performed on the platform. HHM has a technical services ability. HHM formed strategic partnership with BCDc who’s experts mostly come from Peking University School of Stomatology. It helps HHM to provide professional and systematic trainings for dentists, comprehensive pre-sales,in-sales and after-sales support.

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